An Exciting New Motorcycle Brand Hits the Streets
by on February 7, 2017 5:28 PM in Motorcycles News


The Vanguard Roadster is here. The aptly named Vanguard label is being launched by FXE Industries, the parent company co-founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Francois-Xavier Terny and design engineer Edward Jacobs. Terny and Jacobs had previously served as board member and director of design, respectively, for Alabama-based Confederate Motorcycles—a manufacturer known for its innovative aesthetics and mechanics.

Very few specifics have been released about the Roadster other than the fact that it will have a frameless structural engine, a unitized crankcase, an integrated exhaust, and a digital dashboard with rear-view camera. The one set to debut next week, however, is a running prototype, as production (based at the Brooklyn Navy Yard) is not planned to go full-throttle until 2018. The machine will eventually share its power-train platform with two other modular bikes, a cruiser and racer, set to debut further down the road.

With pre-orders currently being accepted for the first 200 examples, the Vanguard Roadster will ride out the door at a starting price of $30,000.

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