Judging Process

Judging guidelines at the Festivals of Speed:

Entrants may choose to have their entry formally judged in hopes of being selected to win an award. Judges at the Festivals of Speed choose to take a more relaxed yet professional approach as opposed to the high-pressure judging process that may be found at other events.

The team of judges is made up of industry professionals that are well qualified to select award-winning entries from the show field. When an award is presented to the entrant he or she can take pride in the fact that it is well-deserved award and respected by all.

Festivals of Speed has two types of awards. Class awards and honorary awards.

Class awards have two tiers. Best in Class and Second in class. Class awards operate on a point system with those entries with the most points winning in that class. Points are accrued as the judges complete a judging form for each car.

Honorary awards have only one tier and are chosen by the team of judges as well as “honorary judges”. Honorary judges may be a celebrity, the event Grand Marshall or even the show attendees in the case of the People’s Choice award. These honorary awards are chosen based style, design and the overall look and feel of the entry. Honorary Awards operate a bit differently than the class awards. The judges and Honorary judges gather to compare notes and the entry that has the majority of the judge’s votes for that specific category wins. An example would be a vintage Rolls-Royce winning the Great Gatsby Award based on its overall appearance of elegance and luxury.
Best of Show is chosen in the following manner:   All class award winners are reviewed with each judge placing his vote for Best of Show into a box. The entry with the most judge’s votes wins the coveted award.

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